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Fountaindale Media Center / Studio 300

300 W. Briarcliff Road
Bolingbrook, IL
Fountaindale Public Library/Studio 300
Nagle Hartray Architecture

Project Description

Studio 300 is a fully-equipped production studio that now resides in the basement of Fountaindale Public Library. This bright and beautiful 8,000 square foot space, formerly used as storage, features 6 sound-proof recording studios, 3 study rooms equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual and remote conference technology, 2 video/photography studios, a video production control room and an open space housing dozens of workstations.

Design details such as wood paneled ceilings and columns, wall appliques, colorful paint and carpet selections and modern light fixtures all designate Studio 300 as a fun and creative workspace. Sound proof windows and doors throughout the space provide an ideal environment for the highest quality sound production.

This project was completed within budget in just under 20 weeks.